Unbeknownst to the average DeFi user, battlelines are currently being drawn as we speak in the ever evolving realm of MEV (Miner-Extractable Value, or… Maximal-Extractable Value as the cool kids are calling it nowadays).

As the dust slowly settles from when FrankResearcher first shared on-chain evidence of explicit arbitrage MEV amongst miners last year, several new groups of participants have been scrambling to establish dominance.

In this article I explore (just the surface) of the various groups competing to extend their reach across MEV domains and their respective attributes.

The Battlelines

The new MEV participants have varying degrees of hashpower support from…

When I first started playing with the Flashbots’ infrastructure there was a lot of onion peeling on my part just to figure out why things weren’t working. My MEV bundles were just sitting there like a sack of potatoes and kept getting ignored by the MEV friendly miners.

So I originally started drafting this brain dump for my own benefit as a troubleshooting checklist of sorts, but decided to share it on medium in case it can save others from a few hours of hair pulling.


The HOW and the WHY of the Flashbots implementation and MEV in general are…

The Furucombo folks recently launched their COMBO token via a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool, and along with it the commencement of their Transaction Mining Program.

Today marked the end of the 1st week so here are my observations as a program participant.


  • The transaction mining program goes for two months until 11-Mar-2021.
  • It’s a stake-trading competition with wash trading prevention mechanisms.
  • The way they prevent wash trading is by ranking and normalizing each wallet’s volume to facilitate a more even playing field.
  • Rewards calculation is based on trading rank, staking amount and staking duration.
  • Unlike typical liquidity mining programs, where…

Here’s a brain dump of my tips and strategies when flash arb’ing on Furucombo. I don’t claim to be an expert at this so read it with a pinch of salt.

My arb combo is failing… why?

A flash arb combo might be failing for a myriad of reasons e.g.

  • Someone got to it before you — there are many others trying out combos too. You can check this on the furucombo proxy contract. Once someone has executed a similar arb, the underlying liquidity (e.g. …

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